The Creative Resume

Of Elizabeth Fern Jensen

Here I will organize my creative output.

Mary Magdalene POP Icon

Mary Magdalene POP Icon is the second poetry chapbook from Elizabeth Fern Jensen, a feminist transgender poet who explores the life and legacy of Saint Mary Magdalene. This book is a continuation of Jensen’s celebration of Mary Magdalene as a powerful feminist icon and seeks to uncover the truth about her life and contributions to society.

In this chapbook, Jensen delves deeper into Mary Magdalene’s story, exploring her journey from a woman often misinterpreted as a prostitute to a feminist icon. Through her poetry, Jensen highlights Mary Magdalene’s resiliency and strength, as well as her spiritual connection to the divine.

Divine Invocations of Feminine Energy

Enter the world of Elizabeth Fern Jensen’s ‘Divine Invocations of Feminine Energy,’ where poetry and feminism collide in a glorious explosion of power, passion, and purpose. With each turn of the page, you’ll be swept away on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and celebration of the divine feminine within us all. From raw vulnerability to fierce strength, these poems are a tribute to the resilience and beauty of women. Join the movement, embrace your inner goddess, and let these words awaken the feminine energy within you.

Mary Magdalene’s Resplendence

Mary Magdalene’s Resplendence is a collection of feminist and transgender positive poetry and a celebration of the Divine Feminine.


HIGH ♤ NOON is a series of poems / each poem represents one of the major Arcana of the tarot / each poem is a mirror to one of the songs on Taylor Swift’s album Midnights / the story of the tarot and the story of Taylor Alison Swift / both are a mirror to my story of salvation through transition / my name is Grandma Beth 👵

I Was Touched

This is a poem about loss and grief. A meditation on the things that touch the author. The images are deep learning AI repaintings of humans she lost, including herself, as she frequently loses herself. It is her hope that you will be touched.

Blossoming As Beth: Volume 1: Visual Poetry

This is a collection of all of my favorite poems that I have written and turned into visual art pieces to share on social media.
Some of them have been published before in my other books, but just as the text.
This is more than just a poetry collection for me. This is my first attempt to showcase my skills at visual and graphic design.

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